Tuesday, May 5

Wood Sign Tutorial

Three or so years ago I started making reclaimed wood signs and fell in love! I love using saws and almost all of my clothes have paint stains... can you relate? I originally followed a tutorial I found on Homespun Happenings. Here are a couple of the signs I have made, followed by the tutorial and then more signs! I use mostly reclaimed wood, salvaged wood siding, fence posts...mostly stuff found on Craigslist in the free section.

Then I printed the wording to fit the dimensions of the board.  I just printed one or two words per paper and then cut them out. For larger images I use Publisher and use the tile printing option. After it prints on multiple 8X11 pages, I cut and tape them together for larger signs. I forgot to take pictures of the next couple stages so I am going to use the ones from Homespun Happenings! 

I originally followed the instructions to cover the back of the printed words with pencil and then tape them (pencil colored side down) onto the wood and tape them into place. After a few signs I realized I prefer to place carbon paper between the paper and the wood and trace the words onto the wood instead of covering with pencil.

Once it is taped in place, I traced the words with a pen and the pencil lead or carbon transferred onto the wood providing the outline of the words.

Here is mine:

After you have the outline, you can choose to color in the words with either paint or Sharpie marker.  I just used a Sharpie and I loved how easy it was!

As a finishing touch, you can use sand paper to rough up the lettering to make it look more vintage. Here is my finished product! (Sorry for not cropping my feet out of the picture!)

Here are more pictures of signs I have made. Some of these I replicated from other images to hang in my home, others I designed the graphics myself or had my sweet sister help with! Bear with me, the pictures below were pulled from my instagram @hannahpryorgarcia #ggcustomdesign 

Thursday, April 9

We moved to Texas!

Hey Y'all... I wanted to share some exciting news... We moved to Texas! {Austin to be more specific}

I have to admit, even though I have failed in epic proportions with keeping this blog updated lately...I don't feel that bad. Life happens, so let's embrace the laid back feel of the south and just roll with it! It looks like my last post was in 2013 so my kids have now doubled in size (slight over dramatization...whats new?) 

Why did we move? God allowed us to rummage through some pretty messy gunk over the past few years (job losses, injuries, surgery, depression, financial strains...and more) and while it took a toll on our family {I fell flat on my face more than once!}, God has been glorified through it all! So, when we got to the other side of it all, we decided to be really intentional about our decisions moving forward. We made a list and envisioned our ideal life. A life where God used us to our fullest potential for His will, a life where we lived simply, more relaxed, where we ceased striving and spent more time loving on our kiddos. We dreamed of warmer weather, outdoor sports and where our family comes first and we take time to nurture those relationships. My sister Morgan and her husband Preston live in Austin and we fell in love with the city on our visits. So we prayed long and hard about the big decision and put it in God's hands. Literally! We had our own plans and God let those expire, fail, evaporate...and then He delivered on His promise to "work for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28) His plans are always better anyways, am I right?!

Through each step, we have been tremendously supported by our entire family and we are extremely grateful to you all (hopefully you are reading this now...I wish I could wrap my arms around you!) 

So here is the update on where we are and what we are doing... Edward is taking on the exciting adventure of earning his Commercial Driver's License while serving as a Driver for Coca-Cola....driving semi's y'all. I am so impressed by him!! He studied long and hard and has been putting in 12 hour days and coming home tired but happy! A big thank you Preston for all you did to help Edward with this opportunity and to feel welcomed in Austin! Edward is also enjoying getting involved with rec sports leagues... football, basketball and volleyball so far.

I have taken a role at the University of Texas {longhorns} in the McCombs School of Business assisting employers who are recruiting on campus. My official role is Recruitment Account Manager. UT Austin is amazing and the people are so warm! I have spent my lunch hours visiting museums and touring the massive and impressive campus! 

Remy is enjoying 3rd grade and has made many friends already. He is constantly riding his bike, swimming or playing football outside with a group of kids. He is signed up to start taking a class or two in computer programming and has also asked to be enrolled in cooking classes and football...he is quite a well rounded {not-so-little} guy!

Ari is settling into preschool but she is not excited about attending 5 days a week (she is used to 3-4). And she misses her sweet Miss Robin dearly. She is at a Montessori school and learning tons! Fortunately mommy gets to work from home 2 days a week all summer long so she only has one more month of 5 days a week until KINDERGARTEN! 

We are all loving our new church, Wells Branch Community Church! The kids LOVE their classes and Ed and I are really enjoying the message and the community. 

It has been such a blessing moving close to Morgan & Preston. They are our game buddies for sure, our faves are Sequence, Rummikub & of course Corn Hole! We also spend a good deal of time throwing the football around as well. We have gone swimming already, it was MARCH and in the 80's! That sounds pretty sweet now, check back in with me in August...

We are excited to see what God has in store for us! SO...Here are some snapshots and highlights, not necessarily recent but random and over the time since my last posting eons ago! Also feel free to find more on my instagram hannahpryorgarcia! 

This is the dream team! Edward and his brothers Joey & Edgar drove the u-haul and our jeep from Seattle to Austin in a couple of really LONG days! They stopped in Palm Springs to have some good cooking by the amazing chef and totally awesome Papa Gary. Thank you Momma and Gar for hosting these very tired gentlemen and getting them safely on their way to TX! 

And here are some random photos that I may or may not sort at a later date:) At least you know what our faces look like now!

Rem & Ari are so happy to be with their Auntie Momo & Uncle Preston again!

Mimi, Momo, Bekah Boo and I took the kids to Montana for a vacation a couple summers ago, they had a blast!

Ari finally had her tonsils taken out - we had to fight the doctors but it was so worth it! Made a world of difference in her life... and ours! Here she is right before surgery!

Here is Ed right before his reconstructive hand surgery...

The Seahawks gave us plenty to cheer about over the past two seasons! Go Hawks!

It will be interesting to see what the kids think about the "seasons" in Austin!

Mimi & Papa Gary moved to Palm Springs! We miss being close to them!

My brother Chris married his beautiful bride, Becca in October 2014! We were blessed to be able to join our family to celebrate with them! Above is Ari with her Great Grandma Shirley! Below she is with her cousins Carlie & Chloe!

Both Edward and Remy were baptized this year!

Thanks for sharing in our journey with us!